How to order prescription drugs from canada pharmacy online 24 hr?

Is it legal to order prescription drugs from canadian pharmacies online?

Of course! With the development of the pharmaceutical industry as well as modern technologies, the order of medicines via the Internet has been very popular around the world for about 20 years! Considering the fact that Canada is one of the leaders in the production and export of medicines and goods for health care, the turnover of drugs sold online increases every year.

Our doctors and pharmacists 24 hours a day are ready to help you with any questions related to the purchase of medicines online with guaranteed protection and comfort.

How can canadian pharmacy sell drugs without a prescription request over the world?

Everything is very easy, and most importantly absolutely legal!   In a regular pharmacy, to buy prescription drugs, the doctor must write you a prescription based on your treatment. Similarly, it happens in

 We are a licensed pharmacy department and every process we have debugged to the ideal. Our licensed doctors, without any problems, confirm with the help of an online diagnostic assessment that each of our clients (patients) really needs a specific medication and before sending each order, write a prescription for the right medicine, that’s why you are very simple, and most importantly, legally, get your order and you save up to 70% of your money on ordering on the web!

Do canadian internet pharmacies accept american prescriptions?

Yes, like a regular pharmacy, Our on line store accept prescriptions from almost all countries.

Why are canadian pharmacies cheaper?

It’s no secret that the cost of any medication that is sold in a local pharmacy-store is added:

1)Firstly from intermediaries (who buy cheap and sell at a large surcharge);

2)Secondly, for the rental of a trading platform (this includes utility payments, payment of the room, etc.).

3)And in the third one should not forget about the human factor (where the owner increases the price for the sake of his profit). As a result, the amount of any medicine sometimes increases several dozen times before the patient gets into the hands. Therefore, we can answer one more popular question:

     How do canadian online pharmacies work? We simply buy medicines from trusted manufacturers and send them directly to our customers! Generics can also lower the price – a modern answer to highest prices!

Generic or Brand name drugs?

Our pharmacy provides both brand-name drugs and generic medicatons. All generics in our web store FDA Approved.
Generics appeared a long time ago, but they received wide popularity only a few years ago. Generic is an exact copy of the Brand-name drug, with the same effect, with the same proportions and dosages, as well as with absolutely similar properties and method of action.

What then is the difference between a brand and a generic?

     – IN THE PRICE! In order to release a branded drug, pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money on research, clinical trials, and then when a new product appears, not a small part of its price includes expensive advertising companies – hence the very high price for the finished product.

With generic medicines, everything is much easier – they copied the Finnish product absolutely identically, while passing a lot of costs, and the result is an absolutely identical medication, but which is ten times cheaper.

Many manufacturers hide, but it often happens that the raw materials for brands and generics are made in one place, then only the packaging is different.

Can canadian on line pharmacies ship to the United States?

Yes, our pharmacy internet store sends any orders around the world with the guarantee of receiving the order by our client, while maintaining a safe delivery process and complete anonymity.

How does this happen? After confirming the order, we pack the goods in an opaque envelope or box for mail, having previously wrapped it with several layers of protective packaging, therefore it will not be possible to determine the contents of the package. We also do not make any marks on the package itself while respecting your privacy.


Can U.S citizens buy prescription medication from canadian pharmacies?

Yes, and every day their number increases, because buying at least once medicine on the Internet from Canada and having felt all the advantages, you will become a regular customer! is canadian pharmacy 24 legit!

In which countries is sending medicine from Canada?

We are an International company and our drugstore services are used by people around the world – But leaders on orders from United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, EU countries, Japan, China, Poland.

What payment methods does this Canadian pharmacy support? Is a trading platform with officially VISA Approved and Confirmed by MasterCard Secure Pay. Also we can accept any payment method convenient for you : eCheck, PayPal, Bitcoin.

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