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It's no secret that now the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most promising and fast-growing. And just like any system has rules and regulations, so are those who are trying to break these rules. 5-6 years ago, in the headlines of news and medical journals periodically pop up messages about the dangers of obtaining drugs through the Internet, due to the deception of customers who bought drugs through the fake pharmacy-websites, and as a result they either did not send anything, or sent poor-quality tablets without any guarantees and obligations. But now the situation has changed for the better, and there are several good reasons for this:

1) Pharmacy website is SSL encrypted. This parameter is not the key, but it is quite important for 2 reasons: First, to connect the Security Certificate to the site, you must at least confirm the ownership of the site - therefore, fraudsters try not to be associated with this verification procedure. And secondly - when the site has 256-bit encryption, then all incoming and outgoing requests are transmitted exclusively in encrypted form, so even with enhanced actions, your confidential data will be protected!

2)Valid telephone in international format. In most qualified and trusted pharmacy portals, the support service works 24x7. With this, the pharmaceutical company shows that every client is, in the first place, dear to her. And secondly, the possibility of legitimacy increases, as with round-the-clock support, different time zones are processed, which already indicates that the company operates internationally.

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